Event Date of Event Link For Album
Orientation Day 17-02-2018 Click Here
Baby’s Night Out 03-02-2018 Click Here
Republic Day Celebrations 26-01-2018 Click Here
Sankranthi Celebrations 12-01-2018 Click Here
Orphan’s Visited DPS Mahendra Hills 30-12-2017 Click Here
The Sweet Magic Of Christmas 23-12-2017 Click Here
Class III,IV,V,VI Annual Day Celebrations 06-12-2017 Click Here
Pre Primary, Class I&II Annual Day Celebrations 06-12-2017 Click Here
Excursion to the Adventure Camp Class V & VI 21-09-2017 to 22-09-2017 Click Here
Pre primary inter school competition 24-08-2017 Click Here
Out reach club garage sale 11-08-2017 Click Here
Independence Day Celebrations 15-08-2017 Click Here
Pre Independence Day Celebrations 11-08-2017 Click Here
Janmastami Celebrations 11-08-2017 Click Here
Investiture Ceremony 2017-18 01-07-2017 Click Here
Yoga Day Celebrations 21-06-2017 Click Here
Academic Proficiency Awards 01-04-2017 Click Here
Pre-Primary Graduation Day 02-03-2017 Click Here
Pre-Primary & Primary Parent Orientation 18-02-2017 Click Here
Babies Night Out 03-02-2017 Click Here
The Enchanted Word of Learning Expo Pre-Primary 02-02-2017 Click Here
Republic Day Celebrations 26-01-2017 Click Here
Sankranthi 11-01-2017 Click Here
Mini Chef (Grade III, IV, V) 07-01-2017 Click Here
Mini Chef (Grade I & II) 06-01-2017 Click Here
Helping Hands Project Orphnage Children Visiting MH and Interacting with Children 31-12-2016 Click Here
Helping Hands Visiting Gurudwara 11-12-2016 Click Here
Mistletoe Magic 17-12-2016 Click Here
Primary Sports Day 18-11-2016 Click Here
Pre-Primary Sports Day 11-11-2016 Click Here
Pre Primary Inter School Sports Meet 10-11-2016 Click Here
Hasya Kavi Sammelan 28-10-2016 Click Here
Hindi Monologue Competition 25-10-2016 Click Here
PVA 22-10-2016 Click Here
Solo Dance Competition 21-10-2016 Click Here
Haritha Haram 11-07-2016 to 16-07-2016 Click Here
Investiture Ceremony 2016 02-07-2016 Click Here
Academic Proficiency Awards 2016 18-06-2016 Click Here