Pre Primary

Pre Primary-Cradle of Life

Stepping out of home into the school environment can be a major challenge for both children as well as parents. Our experienced staff ensures the child feels at home in this learning haven.

Our early childhood education focuses on building of knowledge through inquiry based “Learning by doing” approach, which enriches the learning experience. This is done through activities such as  Storytelling, Puppetry, Circle time, Parent Child Activities, Granny’s corner, Travel Bag activity and so on . Visits to Raitu Bazar, Zoo, Post Office or Petrol Bunk,  integrates their lives into learning. All this helps build up their confidence level,  values, positive peer interaction and they  become  responsible for their own learning. Through these  we can identify the strengths and potential of the child.

An Extra edge is given to our little champs along with the curriculum

Leadership program starting at the very basic level with our Junior head boy and Head girl selected through different parameters that include elocution, the program also has an environmental champion known to us as the Green crusaders and DPS chargers.

We encourage the children to take part in various interschool competitions even at this age so as to make them aware of a healthy competitive spirit and awareness of different schooling communities.

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