Wellness Program

Motto: “Feel Well, Do Well”.

Goal: The goal of the Wellness Program is that each student optimizes healthy coping strategies, finds good balance and achieves academic success throughout his/her schooling.

The Wellness Program is divided into five sections: Physical, Psychological, Academic, Social and Community.

Mission: The mission of the Wellness Program is to encourage students to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle by balancing all aspects of their lives, and to provide the skills for students to achieve academic success and to become positive role models in the society.

The Wellness Program is divided into five sections: Physical, Psychological, Academic, Social and Community.


Primary Interventions: focus on the prevention of problems. For example, a focus on communication strategies during high stress periods, promotion of service and citizenship, and coaching.
Secondary Interventions: Aims to manage the symptoms of strain. For example, stress management programs such as relaxation techniques, stress management and workshops.

Tertiary Interventions: Designed to help the individual who may need specialized input to deal with the strain. For example, personal counselling.
In addition, the wellness program presents important wellness topics monthly. The topics and activities align with the Physical, Psychological, Academic, Social and Community components of health. Workshops on various topics are also planned based on the students interest.


Yoga for Stress Reduction
Cooking Classes – Whole Foods
Healthy Diet and Nutrition for the active student – Food in Medicine
Meditation and Relaxation Techniques
Life Skill Education :

Vision is Nurturing, Aware, Responsible and Empowered Learners.
The effort is to create learners who are equipped with accurate objectives and value enhanced life skills. It helps the young learners to make informed decisions, solve problems, think creatively and critically, communicate effectively and build healthy relationships, cope with challenges and manage their lives.

Psychological :

Counselling Services via Office of Student Affairs
Peer Mentoring through the Student Team
Stress and Depression
How to Deal and cope with your own Loss?
Coping with High Levels of Stress
Spirituality and Medicine
The Poison of Perfectionism
Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques to Master Test Anxiety
Anxiety about Academic Performance
Social & Community :

Student Organizations ( Houses –Student Classifications)
Student Senate(Student Council)
Maintaining Healthy Relationships
Dealing with Conflict
Appropriate Use of Social Media
Intimacy and Life Choice
Family Counselling
Hence, Children need to realize that the world is a better place because they are in it. Understanding the importance of personal contribution can serve as a source of purpose and motivation.

DPS Mahendra Hills is happy to announce the availability of services from Health & wellness Team.